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The Multi-Use Wonders

This week we will be looking at products that are multi-functional and packs twice the punch.

Living Naturally Organic Castile Soap
Living Naturally Organic Soapnut Castile Soap

Living Naturally Organic Soapnut Castile Soap, 500ml, £12.00

This award winning organic castile soap is made from organic oils and organic soapnut fruit extract. It is a vegan wonder product that is completely biodegradable, phosphate free and truly multi-use.

Use it in your washing machine or for hand washing your clothes in place of detergent. It cleans clothes brilliantly and removes stains effectively – using less than normal detergents (2 teaspoons is enough for normal loads and just 4 teaspoons for dirtier and larger loads). Completely toxin free, with no foaming agents or fillers and has zero ecological impact!

Use around the house for cleaning floors, dishes, countertops, pets and veggies. Even with all that cleaning power, it is mild enough to be used on face, hands, hair and body as a wash. A truly remarkable product – completely eco-friendly and effective.

Bloomtown Nourishing Body and Bath Oil, 100ml, £10.00

A truly versatile, non-greasy and easily absorbed oil. Bloomtown’s Nourishing Oils are expertly blended with antioxidant-rich Meadowfoam, Sesame and Sweet Almond Oils as well as healing Vitamin E.

The oils come in Bloomtown’s six signature scents – The Meadow, The Grove, The Woods, The Café, The Rose Garden and The Hedgerow. Each scent is so completely unique and captivating you’ll want to own them all!

The oil blends can be used in place of your moisturiser (beautifully moisturised and silky smooth skin ahead!), for an indulgent bath, as an overnight hair treatment and for a nice relaxing massage too. In fact, it’s great as a makeup remover too – simply massage into skin, cover with a warm, damp cloth and wipe off all traces of your day from your face.

Bloomtown Nourishing Body and Bath Oil
Bloomtown Nourishing Bath & Body Oil
Living Naturally Man Balm
Living Naturally Man Balms

Living Naturally Organic Man Balm, 60ml, £10

An award-winning herbal all-in-one balm for men. Packed with the softening and regenerative ingredients of soapnuts, cocoa butter, shea, jojoba and hemp. An easily absorbed and non-greasy balm in three blends – fragrance free, Bay & Lavender and Sandalwood & Orange.

This all-natural, vegan and versatile man balm can be used as a face and body moisturiser (it’s great for those dry patches on your hands and feet), beard balm, aftershave balm or even as a hair pomade (hair styling balm). A little goes a long way with this balm, so apply sparingly. Throw a jar in your suitcase and you’ll be good to go for your travels too!

Zao Cream Eye Shadow


Zao make 100% natural and organic, premium make-up, primarily packaged in bamboo and are mostly refillable. The Zao Cream Eyeshadows has a special texture which allows it to be used as a skin corrector, lipstick or blush. With skin protecting Organic Carnauba Wax, softening and healing Organic Avocado Oil, skin-regenerating Bamboo Powder and wrinkle-fighting Organic Pomegranate Extract.

  • The 251 (Copper) can be used as a blusher and a long-wearing lipstick because of its texture.
  • The 252 (Bamboo) is an ideal corrector to cover redness.
  • The 253 (Amethyst) as 251, can be used as long-lasting lipstick or blush. It also corrects yellow tones.
  • The 254 (Golden Bronze) is the ultimate corrector for purple tone with its yellow hue.
Zao Make up Cream Eyeshadow
Zao Cream Eyeshadow