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Chrome Safety Razor

Chrome plastic free safety razor made in the UK


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Chrome Safety Razor


Reduce your plastic pollution with this beautifully handcrafted, chrome safety razor. An ideal razor for beginners. Includes 5 stainless steel double edge razor blades. A quality razor that will last.

Plastic free – Reusable – Recyclable

Made in the UK.

How to use

To replace blade:

  1. Carefully hold head on sides, away from blade,
  2. Turn handle to unscrew head. Shaver head will split into 2 parts.
  3. Carefully remove old blade and replace with new blade by aligning blade holes with the pegs on the top half of shaver head
  4. Place bottom plate back over the blade, making sure you have the bottom plate the right way up.
  5. Hold the top and bottom of shaver head with your thumb and index finger, insert handle back into head and twist clockwise to tighten


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